What is Liturgy?

Liturgy includes the standard texts (e.g., the Kyrie, Creed, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, etc.) that have been handed down over the centuries. The liturgy provides a consistency to worship. One of the most important aspects of liturgical worship is repetition. Through weekly repetition of basic, Gospel-centered texts from Holy Scripture, we learn the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith. The liturgy and hymns serve as building blocks for a lifetime of receiving God's gifts through Word and Sacrament.

Our worship...

  • Is to receive God's gifts - His Word and holy Sacraments
  • Is Christ centered
  • Is a reflection of Lutheran theology
  • Is characterized by reverence and dignity
  • Seeks to edify Christ's holy people

The Lutheran Liturgy – Its Biblical Origin

The outline below follows the Lutheran Service Book, Divine Service Two.

  • Pre-Service
  • Service of Confession and Absolution
  • Service of the Word
  • Service of the Sacrament

For more in-depth information on the parts of the Liturgy, you can listen in to Pastor Will Weedon's audio series.