Johanna Heidorn

Serving the Lord in Latin America and the Caribbean

St. Paul's prides itself as being a mission minded congregation. Johanna is one of many missionary efferts that we are supporting with our prayers and financial support.


Johanna Heidorn serves as a photographer through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) across the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region, based in the Dominican Republic. She spent the majority of her first year on the mission field in Asia capturing and sharing dynamic stories of people and Christ’s work across the Far East before transitioning to the LAC region. Johanna enjoys shooting landscape, lifestyle and portrait photography and has a sincere passion for connecting with new people and capturing moments that normally go unseen. As a missionary photographer, designer and communication outreach specialist, Johanna is able to shed light and truth on the culture of this region and share stories of what God is doing through LCMS personnel and partner church bodies while inspiring congregations to pray for and support them. Her photography has also become a way to communicate and reach out to those who have not yet heard the message of God and His great love.

As an ambitious adventurer, Johanna’s work has taken her across five continents where she has not only been able to capture wild and remote places, but also humbly embrace different cultures and people. She has degrees in graphic design, public relations, photography and communications. Before serving, she was able to refine her eye for photography and design through her freelance work across the Midwest for corporate and individual clients, and through various professional work environments including the NBA, Corporate Web Services and at universities. Johanna is very close with her family, who have all been very supportive throughout her missionary service. Her home congregation is Grace Lutheran Church in Rochester, Minn., where her father is the pastor.


Pray for Johanna as she serves in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Ask God to give her strength as she seeks to do the work He has created for her to do. Pray for the hearts of people who will partner with Johanna in prayer and financial support so they can participate in the Kingdom work with her. Let us give thanks that Johanna is serving in this part of the world.

Special Dates
Johanna's birthday: May 23rd
Home District: Minnesota South

Johanna Heidorn

Johanna Heidorn

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